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IDF Newsletter April 2012

Posted on Wed May 16th, 2012 @ 8:11am by

Writers of Task Force Omega,

The leading members of the IDF Admiralty have put together and completed a new issue of the Independence Fleet Newsletter for April 2012, complete with awards, updates and interviews.

Some awards were won by players within Task Force Omega, namely on the Liberty Belle, the flagship of Omega and the most well-established of the active trio (until we can find an active CO for the IKS Koloth).

In February, Crewman Aure (played by Allisen, but now inactive) won the Rookie of the Month Award, and then the Most Valuable Player Award in March.

April saw Hoshia Nakamura, the Liberty Belle's civilian liaison officer, winning the Recruitment Award for introducing Sarah Anderson to the ship, but even more impressive than this are the two "Best Post" awards Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger (played by Mau), Captain Caleb Virgil (played by Chris) and Doctor Tin Sel Granth (played by Joseph) received in March and April respectively, for the two [Armada] timeline posts, Arbiter of a New Dawn and The Strings of Authority.

I highly recommend you read these posts, as well as the rest of the ongoing struggle within the Armada and its ruling Triumvirate as the story draws to a close, and pleased offer your warmest congratulations to Mau, who also commands Starbase Eridani, as the Armada timeline is his brainchild.

If any of you have any questions concerning Task Force Omega, feel free to contact me at ( or Fleet Admiral Wheeler, at (

Good day to you all,

Commodore William Morgan
Task Force Omega Commanding Officer


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