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IDF Newsletter May 2012

Posted on Sat Jun 23rd, 2012 @ 3:05pm by

Writers of Task Force Omega,

The leading members of the IDF Admiralty have put together and completed yet another new issue of the Independence Fleet Newsletter for May 2012, full of the usual awards and fun nonsense!

Unlike last month, however, Omega was less successful in the awards department than it was last month (in which we did do splendidly), but we have nevertheless had an interesting time. For starters, we've had a good few newcomers.

On the Liberty Belle:
- Lieutenant JG Lanazir "Zira" Sevim, Chief Strategic Operations Officer
- MCPO Liu Ming, Chief of the Boat and Master-at-Arms.

On Starbase Eridani:
- Major James LeBlanc, Head of Station Security and Havoc Rangers Team Leader

On the USS Spartan:
- Lieutenant JG Ceridwyn Eranoth, Medical Officer

If any of you have any questions or issues concerning Task Force Omega, feel free to contact me at ( or Fleet Admiral Wheeler, at (

Warmest regards,

Commodore William Morgan
Task Force Omega Commanding Officer


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