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Lieutenant JG Ceridwyn Eranoth

Name Ceridwyn Eranoth

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Edo/Betazoid Hybrid
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Pale Blond
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Like her brother Ceridwyn possesses the pale blond hair and tan skin of her mother's people and the black eyes of her father's. She has long lean muscles, but soft curves in all the right places. Her smile is bright, her eyes large and liquid.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Bevan Eranoth (Betazoid)
Mother Ania of the Edo
Brother(s) Twin Gwyliam
Sister(s) none
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ceri, like her brother, has a keen intelligence, but on her it is plain to see. Some say this is because she doesn't hide it behind layers of charm and sweet words, others say it is because she is a doctor, not a cook, still others feel that the friendliness both twins display is false and hiding a darker core within.

Ceri is likable and friendly, but not in the magnetically compelling way her brother is. She takes her job seriously, a feat Liam has never managed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Of the pair, Ceri is the stronger telepath but doesn't have the true joie de vivre of her brother. Her greatest strength is her compassion, giving her a phenominal bedside manner.

Ceri's overly sensitive to negative emotions, without her brother around to make her see the light her world seems dark. This is both to do with his ability to find a silver lining or simply that he makes her happy is hard to say.
Ambitions Ceri's goal, since the day she turned 18, is to become a doctor, to learn to fix the body and stop that light from leaving the eyes.

Now that she has accomplished that she wants to put it into practice.
Hobbies & Interests When asked directly Ceri would tell you that studying medical texts is her greatest hobby, but her brother knows better and would answer that Ceri is addicted to Earth's trashy romance novels of the 20th century.

Personal History Gwyliam was born on a starship, far from either planet he might have considered home, seconds before his twin sister Ceridwyn, a fact he has never let her live down.

To understand the pair, you must first realize what they are. The children of a Betazoid man, Brevan Eranoth, and an Edo woman, Ania, they were raised with a mixture of those ways; both brutally honest and completely without modesty.

Bevan Eranoth was the second son of a second son, each with sisters aplenty. So when it came time to find his place in the world, Brevan looked out among the stars. Now this doesn't mean he didn't love his family, he did, but he'd always had an avid curiosity about the universe and the other species that live in it. Specifically other cultures that had been shaped by telepathy and the effects it had on their development as a civilization and how it differed from Betazed.

It was this persuit that led him to Rubicun III, to petition the Edo 'God' for permission to live among his people and discover if their complete devotion to his benevolent presence had anything to do with a telepathic influence.

Though expecting rejection, God was willing to allow Brevan to study his people, if the man would swear to live by their ways and abide by their laws, to the letter.

Brevan agreed and was assigned one of the Edo to teach him their ways. Ania was only a few year his junior, with a bright smile and keen mind. She became his constant companion not only teaching him of the Edo but helping him with his research.

After nearly a year of working together Brevan left late one night, taking his ship into orbit to speak with God again directly. He was in love and wished to marry Ania and would not do so without the God's consent.

It was then that the God asked for the results of his research.

Both of the twins adored this story and would watch their parents with unabashed awe as they related the tale. The pursuit of knowledge, finding love, a petition to the god, it all had the makings of one of those truly epic love stories.

It even had a nearly perfect happily ever after. Though their father would never say what else the God and he spoke of, the end result had been that if Ania chose to go with him she could never return to Rubicun III, nor could he. But their mother had had no family on Edo, and though she would miss her friends, her new husband had become the best friend she'd ever had.

Liam and Ceridwyn had been born a year after they left the planet, both blond as their mother with their father's dark eyes. They'd grown up on their parents small ship and the various star ships and space stations they visited until they reached school age. Only then did Bevan and Ania settle on a colony so their children could attend school. After only 5 years though the itch to move again was too much and the parents uprooted their then 10 year olds and set off again.

It was this constant upheval, more then just being twins, that lead to the close bond Ceri and Liam had. The only person either could truly rely on was eachother. Neither as strong telepathically as their father or most of his people, save with their twin, nor as truly free spirited and without worry as their mother, they didn't have any place where they felt they belonged.

On their 18th birthday Ceridwyn announced that she wanted to join Starfleet and become a doctor. Though her brother had no such desire, he went with her, living on Earth while she attended the academy. Their parents tried to stay on Earth with the children but were soon drawn away by their own wanderlust.

While Ceridwyn attended classes, Liam found a position with a renowned chef, tending bar and learning everything he could from the older man.

The next 7 years were spent on Earth where the pair shared a small apartment while Ceri became a doctor and Liam slept his way through each class of new cadets. It was the longest they had ever been in one place, and though they both loved it, they both knew they would not stay there forever.
Service Record Just graduated the academy.