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Captain Linneas sen'Telpherion

Name Linneas sen'Telpherion

Position Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kolari/Deltan Hybrid
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 188
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black (green)
Physical Description Tall and slender, his wiry whipcord strength is mitigated by the grace of a dancer or a fighter. His hands are long and tapered with dexterous fingers, his hair is shaved everywhere except the back of his head where it is gathered into a tight queue. A set of Kolari characters run down the left side of his neck and are just visible where they emerge above his collar.

Linneas is more-often clean shaven or has a rough shadow but rarely grows any real facial hair. He is always impeccably groomed.


Father Heptimus Telpherion
Mother Merren Lahn
Brother(s) Teal, Cerean and technically, Lonus
Sister(s) Cerulea, Azuria, Telura
Other Family Between his Orion Lineage and his Deltan, there are too many for him to count without a computer.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Linneas never accepts anything resembling a handout and has always had to make his own ways since he abandoned his Heritage (temporarily) to enter Starfleet. Starfleet wasn't the first thing he did though, as all members of his Line are required to have special training.

Most of his career has been in Intel, though technically he's an Ops officer like his father was.

That being said, the Ops side of his job is the logistics part and as a Kolari, he suckled on the teat of business and deals since he was a small child. Its is as interwoven in their society to such a degree and they have turned it into such an art that they find the Ferengi "cutely immature in their understanding of commerce" and "the Laws of Acquisition? A moral code applied to business? A waste of time".

Linneas is a tightly controlled personality, a dry wit and tightly wound into himself. He has reasons for this extremely tight control, as Lonus knows well as he too has had the same kind of (compressed) training and has some of the same innate qualities unique to their Line.
Strengths & Weaknesses Linneas is known to possess a razor-wit and a quick mind, he still looks like a young man despite being over half a century old. Kolari can be long-lived as can properly-trained Deltans and Linneas is, if nothing else, properly trained.

Linneas was trained as a combat telepath during the Anazi conflict as soon as it was learned that the Anazi were somewhat vulnerable to psionics. Already in possession of a very strong and rare ability and strongly trained to control it, Linneas came into his own as a Tracker, able to sense Anazi warships and torpedoes before they dropped out into our local space-time. Later his talents were employed as a "peeler", a telepathic interrogations expert who uses a combination of questioning and mind-probing techniques to get information out of targets. A component of his ability seems to manifest a kinetic aspect at moderate levels.

However, even with such training and the high development of skill, Linneas is extremely careful with his abilities and will rarely employ them lest he have an accident. As one such accident caused significant damage to a shop on Tartarus when he was younger, he is deeply fearful his ability will get away from his control and he'll hurt someone unintentionally.

To that end he keeps people at a distance, socially and physically. He has had few, if any, relationships and tends to keep people at a distance with his wit and willingness to use it defensively.

Also, due to his mixed heritage and difficulty in controlling certain aspects of his physiology, Linneas much take regular injections of Pherinol to prevent his pheromones from causing problems with the crew. In the vein of those Kolari who release pheromones and Deltans who also do, usually there is no cumulative effect. In Linneas case, without the use of the drug, he could not function around most other species.
Ambitions Linneas is an Intelligence officer and in his career has done more than most people hope to accomplish in an entire lifetime spanning a century. What he has not yet accomplished or done and what he yet wishes to do is unknown perhaps to anyone expect his Counselor, his Windblade and himself.
Hobbies & Interests Linneas practices Discipline, a Deltan meditative form of movement and training similar to Yoga but involving deeper trances, deeper involvement of mind-over-body and eventually the goal of mind-body perfection: the moment of ascension. For an hour or so a day he practices the forms, practices Shizari, a Deltan martial art thousands of years old and engages in meditation to keep his mind under control and in order.

He also cooks pretty well, socializes with a few, close and trusted friends and practices his old skills and plays with Szahls, his Windblade. He enjoys a good book and practices many Vulcan meditative techniques.

Personal History Linneas personal files are locked above even the captain's level, though he knows most of it since he's a member of the same family.

Linneas was raised as nobility until his early teens when the war broke out and he ran away from home. Eventually he would come to fight against the then "Orion Syndicate" and the "Anazi". Over the next several years he moved in Syndicate circles and rose through the ranks, eventually being taken on by a patron House. During a training exercise, he became lost in the deep deserts on Rigel 2 and whatever happened, he emerged six years later with a Windblade and a member of the Duelists Guild of the same name.

He worked as a Duelist in the Syndicate, becoming more famous and more sought-after to help one House settle disputes with another without losing assets in a costly conflict.

Eventually he left that world and returned to space as a freeman, taking a ship and arming it and preying on the freebooters that preyed on Starfleet and the other civilian vessels being victimized in the war.

During this time he became associated with then-Captain Esori NHar, a crewmate and a good friend of Linneas' father, Heptimus who served under him for several years. After a little while Linneas entered SFA and just as the Anazi Conflict began, Linneas began his career in SFI.
Service Record Much of this is secret, much of it is unknown and much of this would get him brought up on charges in half a dozen places across to quadrants. Suffice it to say he is experienced, decorated, skilled and is deeply trusted.