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Captain Lonus sen'Telpherion

Name Lonus Makana sen'Telpherion

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Hybrid (See Below)
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 6" (198.12 cm)
Weight 235 lbs (107 kg)
Hair Color Opalescent
Eye Color Jewel Blue
Physical Description Lonus presents an air of sly, playful intelligence with a face full of youthful strength and character. He comports himself with lazy grace and looks fresh out of bed even when impeccably groomed.

It is important to note that Lonus recently underwent a biological transformation called "chrysalis" that radically altered his appearance. Originally Lonus passed easily for a human male with a rich olive skin tone, bright green eyes, and long, thick blond hair. He can no longer pass for human in any sense of the word, as listed below.

Lonus has grown taller and more limber. He always engaged in intensive, extensive physical exercise and his new form reflects his effort in a dramatic manner. His shoulders have grown unusually broad and powerful. His limbs have grown long and sinewy, his torso has elongated with a trim waist and slender hips. His digits have grown long and tapered with claws of thick, strong blue crystal.

Lonus has grown short, soft indigo fur shot through with patches of jet black across the entirety of his body. The hair on his head has become a thick mane of soft feathers with a translucent, opalescent luster. In addition, he has spots much like those of a Trill. They are the same color as his hair and trace his hairline, cheekbones, and down the sides of his neck.

From the front the spots continue down to outline his pectoral muscles, skirt the outer swells of his abdominal muscles, travel over his hip bones and draw to a point between his inner thighs in a flattering and clearly sexual display. From the back the luminous spots trail down his spine, fan across this shoulders and form an arrow at the base of his tail. (c.f.)

Lonus' face remains recognizable but his irises have grown to encompass the majority of his eyes. His eyes have become jewel blue in color with flecks that play like fire in the light. His face lengthened with sharper cheekbones and a more pointed chin. His nose grew longer and narrower with smaller nostrils. His lips have grown black, smaller, and fuller. Small, sharp canines are visible when he speaks and smiles. His ears have grown large and pointed.

Lonus has a thick, bony ridge that protects his nose as well as a small, smooth oval gem of jewel blue at the center of his brow. The ridge gradually smooths back over his ears and joins at the base of his skull. Tiny spikes of rich blue crystals sprout along the ridge forming "eyebrows" that meet two large horns that curve back over the head. The spikes then decrease in size, vanishing into the hairline.

A pair of leathery wings sprout from Lonus' back. The wings resemble arms with huge webbed hands with seven long, bony digits on each hand. The wings are functional like hands while the claw tips are crystalline, sharp, and can easily injure. The outer three digits are independent keratinous vanes offering superior control in flight. The inner digits are flaps that add lift. His wing thumbs serve as steering vanes that enhance maneuverability.

Next, Lonus has grown a long, sinuous tail that snaps keratinous vanes to aid in flight. The tail writhes sensually to match his emotions. It is quite expressive and seemingly possessed of a mind of its own, and a dirty one at that. Lonus' tail caresses those he likes and draws away from those he finds distateful, as if smelling something foul. Lonus is unaware what his tail is doing much of the time and it gets him into quite a bit of trouble. After this, one might note a number of smaller but significant physical changes in Lonus.

He possesses a faintly visible marsupial pouch on his lower abdomen and his genitals retract into his body, safely hidden from view. In addition his hair, spots, eyes, horns, and claws fluoresce in ultraviolet light. In low light or darkness all of it glows with a soft inner fire, about the brightness of candle light.

Lonus cannot wear a conventional Starfleet uniform so he secrets microrgs from his skin and programs them to assume the color, texture, and pattern of a Starfleet uniform. This allows him freedom of movement while maintaining the uniform code. No one needs to focus on the fact that aside from a clever optical illusion he is still technically naked.


Spouse Tazu Malekaleoni (lovemate)
Children Two on the way
Father Pili Freitas-Drune
Mother Teal sen'Telpherion
Brother(s) Kal (identical twin), Linneas (adopted), Cerean (adopted)
Sister(s) H'unet, Cerulea (adopted), Azuria (adopted), Telura, (adopted)
Other Family Spartan (vitaki bondmate), Ssin (Windslither companion), Heptimus and Merren Telpherion (Maternal Grandparents), Makana "Mike" Freitas and Lonus Drune (Paternal Grandfathers), Kal Freitas (Grand Uncle), Drs. Garret and Mahina Freitas (Paternal Great Grandparents), Drune Family (Betazed), Elder H'unne and Mother Hu'et (Q'lrn elder and Vitaki surrogate)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lonus is extroverted, confident, and engaging socially. He is playful, charming and flirtatious with a dash of gallantry thrown in for good measure. He is unmoved by intimidation and fearless in confrontations. He thinks fast on his feet with great intelligence and wit. He looks to his spirit and respects the views of others when possible. He investigates his impact on the world around him with a profound commitment to objectivity and critical thinking.

Lonus stands quickly to defend innocents whenever possible. He works tirelessly to leave the universe a better place than he found it. In this regard he evinces Deltan and Betazoid altruism with shameless pride. He has little interest in personal gain outside what he needs to lead his life comfortably. In contrast, Lonus possesses a singular intensity when undertaking his duty.

He pursues missions with cold, predatory efficiency. He has and will kill without losing a wink of sleep. He manages this by making sure he acts in accordance with his sense of ethics and duty. When he must choose between doing what's right and completing his mission, he often errs on the side of what's right and accepts the consequences.

Lonus stands for integrity no matter the personal cost. He conducts his personal affairs honestly and openly. He disdains feigned courtesy and cuts to the chase unless it is clear that doing so works against his interests. In contrast, on covert missions he lies, cheats, and steals without hesitation. This gives him a nigh split personality and he is comfortable with it. Home and family is a time to love, nurture, and be himself. Missions are jobs to get done and sometimes those jobs get dirty.

Lonus' great weakness is quite frankly lasciviousness. Monogamy isn't in his nature however he tends to form long-term intimate bonds. He is a passionate and considerate lover. True to his Deltan heritage he thinks nothing of mixing sex with friendship and as long as no one is harmed he is game for about anything. He prefers the company of males but he is comfortable enough with his sexuality that he'll consider other options should opportunities arise.
Strengths & Weaknesses Lonus is a fully trained 'Am of Delta with all attendant responsibilities and privileges.

Lonus is trained and recognized as a Duelist of the Kolari Slither Windblades. He possesses an isocoded tattoo of a sword on his right cheek that contains his licensing, rank, and kills.

Lonus is certified as a Starfleet Combat Telepath. He is authorized to take deep telepathic scans and conduct interrogations in the course of his assignments. Likewise he is trained and experienced in a number of telepathic attacks and defenses outside of conventional Federation training.

Genetic Engineering: Lonus is the product of genetic engineering between five races: Kolari, Deltan, Human, Betazoid, and Q'lrn. He is also the product of same-sex gene splicing. Q'lrn DNA dominates and assumes the most compatible genetic traits from all available, meaning he is the best product possible of all of his genetic donors. Lonus is truly unique and finding himself. He has no idea how his genetic traits might influence him. For now it's "potluck" on what happens next.

Non-linear Age Progression: The Q'lrn ages Lonus to physical maturity inside an incubation crèche in only six years. While in the creche he received telepathic training in every area of expertise he chose as well as those the Q'lrn taught him. In addition he genetically imprinted the combined life's experience of a number of Starfleet luminaries including Thessyr Tal, SomIn Na'qIlS, and the original Spartan and Tartarus psyches.

After his emergence from the creche Lonus proceeded to certify for all of the training he received. He passed as an 'Am of Delta and having emerged from the creche with his windslither, he earned his place amongst the Windblade Duelist Guild. He earned recognition in all of his fields until time came to apply to Starfleet.

Lonus applied to Starfleet Academy as a full adult but his birth record only listed him as age ten. He was also the product of genetic engineering and Federation law specifically prohibited individuals who were genetically engineered from serving in Starfleet.

This posed a significant legal hurdle until the Q'lrn revealed that all members of the Unity were genetically engineered and some served in Starfleet with distinction. Lonus entered the academy as a member of the Unity under the auspices that the Unity was a Federation applicant in good standing.

Q'lrn Birthright: Lonus has triple-helix DNA with 243 chromosome pairs (81 per helix) whereas human DNA possesses 23 chromosomes. His nervous system is an organic crystalline lattice maintained by microrgs, short for "microorganisms." Microrgs function similarly to nanites. They can boost Lonus' resistance to poison and disease as well aid in healing. Given time and sufficient nutrients microrgs can regenerate lost limbs and organs. An unexpected interaction with Lonus' Kolari radiation resistance is that radiation similar to the stars of his home world boosts the speed and performance of his microrgs. In addition, Lonus' blood is suffused with a crystalline material called "d'k'tarra."

D'k'tarra is rich clear blue in color and naturally boosts psychic ability. It grows in Lonus' bone marrow and gives the irises of his eyes their distinctive color. There is such concentration of d'k'tarra in his blood that it glows blue when blood is drawn or he bleeds. To date, there is nothing like him in existence in Starfleet or the Unity.

Medical Authorization: Lonus' microrgs resist any attempt to draw blood or tamper with Lonus' body. If blood is drawn the Microrgs in the blood will digest the receptacle or self-destruct. They block scans of Lonus' body and otherwise resist until Lonus programs his microrgs to accept scans and treatment. This can prove a major hurdle if he is rendered unconscious.

Mineral Supplement: Lonus requires rare mineral and silicate supplements to maintain good health. If he loses access to them Lonus' bones grow brittle.

Psychic Ability: Lonus demonstrates the power of telepathy usable over great distances. He can shield his mind against unwanted telepathic intrusion as well as perform mental probes and telepathic attacks per his training as a combat telepath (c.f.). He is able, through training as an 'Am to consciously control his bodily functions and manage pain. Lonus demonstrated vastly increased telepathic ability after he reached the physical maturity of a Q'lrn elder. He proved able to grow and program the microrgs in his body through conscious force of will. Given time, he can program and release, via breath, sweat, blood, or other bodily fluid, microrgs designed to perform a variety of tasks from healing to modification, attack, and analysis. Lonus regenerates his microrgs with normal rest and sustenance.

Most recently Lonus demonstrated the ability to read the intent of hostiles on an inner system planet from the outer range of a star system. In this same encounter he merged consciousness with the microrgs of his vitaki companion, Spartan, and through them forged a telepathic rapport with the whole of his crew, enabling them to act nigh instantaneously. After this encounter he theorized how this might explain the legendary psychic powers of Q'lrn elders. Each encounter using power of this magnitude left Lonus feeling drained and weak.

Lonus is doubly blessed with pheromones through his Deltan and Kolari birthright. He is certified with sufficient mental control to travel safely without a vow of celibacy or need to inject Pheronol. His microrgs are such that he can program his pheromones to induce whatever emotional state Lonus wants. He has chosen pheromones that stimulate relaxation and mental clarity.

UV Resistance: Lonus possesses native Kolari resistance to high band ultraviolet radiation. Radiation at this level boosts his recuperation and healing. See "microrgs" above for further details.

Windslither: Lonus forged a lifelong bond with one of the most dangerous predators in existence, the Windslither. This creature, named "Ssin" is black in color with blue, unblinking eyes. It superficially resembles a snake with a thick, bony skull that reminds onlookers of some kind of fierce Klingon reptile. Ssin has a long, sinuous body around 1.5 meters in length and it is covered in sharp spines that lay flat and smooth against its body. One can see two longer, specialized spines sprouting laterally about a third of the way down the body. Two things are known about windslithers. One, only the Windblade guild has ever tamed the creatures and two, Windblades instill such terror that Nausicaans trample each other trying to escape and hardened Klingon warriors take a step back. Starfleet regulations prohibit the keeping of dangerous pets but windslithers are considered symbiotes under the Starfleet officer code.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Lonus can never, under any circumstance succumb to feelings of anger or fear. If he does his windslither lashes out at the source of the anger. The results are often gruesome and fatal.
Ambitions Lonus wants go on record as one of the most heavily traveled and successful explorers in history. He wants to pioneer full integration of Q'lrn softech and Federation hardtech. He wants to lead the Federation and the Q'lrn Unity into an enduring alliance. Lastly, he wants to break every extreme sports record in existence. Highest orbital skydive, deepest scuba dive, longest triathlon, whatever. He wants to explore and experience the most from life and the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Lonus loves extreme sports and martial arts. The change in his form makes some of his old sports like orbital skydiving more interesting while parisses squares proves intriguing with two extra limbs (three counting Tail) available. Simply put, Lonus loves moving and being outdoors. He doesn't care how or why, he only wants to go and have fun flying, running, diving, jumping, and climbing. He's like a big kid in the outdoors. Related to this love of exercise is Lonus' passion for sex.

Sex is intimate play, mental and physical release, and a spot on way to get to know a friend better. Lonus approaches sex in a Deltan manner. That is, he approaches it from the whole perspective: body, mind, and spirit. It is a form of seeking wellness and when Lonus feels stressed and physical workouts aren't enough to help, when meditation alone provides no answers, then he seeks sexual contact in order to restore inner harmony. In stark contrast to this is his love of biotech.

Lonus loves tinkering with microrgs and he has a private lab in order to play with new applications. His original goal was to fully adapat hardtech and softech but Spartan's evolution provided that. Now Lonus looks for what to do next.

Outside this he enjoys the wheeling and dealing involved in being an Operations Officer. He still has the Kolari head for business and shuffling resources is a grand game as involved as chess and as exciting as poker.

Personal History Lonus is the first of identical twin sons and later, a daughter born to Teal and Pili sen'Telpherion. He is grandson of Heptimus, Kolari Speaker of the Syndicate Council. He is the product of two generations of genetic splicing. To understand Lonus one must first understand the heritage of his parents.

Teal Sen-Telpherion was born a hybrid of Deltan and Kolari stock, one of a pair of identical twins born to Heptimus Telpherion and his wife, Merren. Teal was secretly "stolen" from Merren's womb by a renegade Q'lrn shaper, named Rt'frt.

Rt'frt spliced its DNA into the embryo of Teal, intending to breed superior Kolari and Deltan pheromones into the Q'lrn genome in order to stimulate stagnant reproduction amongst Rt'frt's people. The experiment seemed to fail and Rt'frt abandoned then child Teal to the life of a green Orion slave.

Pili Freitas-Drune was the product of a gene splicing between his fathers, Makana "Mike" Freitas, a human engineer from Earth and Lonus Drune, a Betazoid geneticist. Pili led an uneventful, if happy life in the Federation until, as a teenager, he and Teal met. Somehow the genetic engineering between them formed a perfect match and they formed a powerful mating bond. Their bond, called "Imzadi" to Betazoids and "Pahmin'ra" amongst Deltans, triggered the hermaphroditic Q'lrn genes in Teal and he "matured" sexually, soon bearing Pili's identical twin sons.

Teal, as a gene-spliced hybrid lacked the ability to carry his young to term so H'uet, vitaki mother and bondmate of Elder H'unne took the twins into her onboard incubation creche. There, baby Lonus and his twin, Kal, enjoyed access to the Q'lrn psinet as well as telepathic sharing with their parents, other vitaki, and a host of luminary figures including Heptimus, Merren, Linneas, Thessyr, and Helos Tal, as well as Somin Na'qIlS.

After ten years in the crèche Lonus emerged with a full adult knowledge and training. Thanks to telepathy he experienced growing up and being a child amongst thousands others like him.

Lonus immediately underwent testing and qualifications for his training and succeeded with all save for Starfleet, which balked at his age and apparent genetic manipulation. Political tensions on Rigel IV worsened so his parents sent him to Earth to live with his Hawaiian family. He had direct access to Starfleet Academy and after much political arm twisting and testing, he earned his place amongst other cadets.

Lonus used breaks from the academy to visit other family members since he could not go home. The Drune family at the Betazed Resettlement Colony welcomed Lonus for visits until an incident at Shiralea VI when he rescued Ambassador Lwaxana Troi, her daughter, Deanna Riker, and her husband, Wil from an assassination plot and unintentionally exposed his training as a combat telepath. This led the Betazed Colonial Authorities to ban Lonus from the settlement save during Starfleet missions. The Drune family kept in contact as they were a Starfleet family and understood the necessity of Lonus' sacrifice.

The situation on Rigel IV eventually calmed while Lonus served in Starfleet and to his surprise Heptimus adopted him, making his uncles and aunts suddenly his brothers and sisters. Lonus never understood the move and no one explained it. He chalked it up to Kolari politics and enjoyed his new status.
Service Record Age 10-12 (2396-98): Physical Age: 18-20, Starfleet Academy, majoring in Computer Science and Operations with minors in Genetics and Planetary Sciences. Certified in shuttle piloting. Graduated with high honors. Rank: Ensign

Age 12-14 (2398-2400): Terraforming Project: Planet Betazed. Served with distinction. Developed a method by which microrgs converting base soil into atmosphere grew 8% faster utilizing protein found in Earth krill.

14-17 (2400-2403): Avalon Station, Planet Lrd'shn: Part of the team responsible for completing all computer infrastructure aboard spacedock-class starbase. Worked extensively with Lrd'shn shapers to create a habitat suitable for their comfort without compromising station systems. Instrumental in fostering good relations with the Lrd'shn, eventually earning the position as Starfleet Liaison to Lrd'shn. Helped adapt and integrate d'k'tarra lattices into existing Federation technology. Developed a silicate compound that solved critical issue with adapting bioneural gel packs to organic d'k'tarra technology. Promotion: Lieutenant, JG

17-18 (2403-04): Command School: Earns Dhev Ahn award for meritorious ingenuity by taking command of a terrorist-response team and using recreational holo emitters to diffuse a volatile hostage situation at a Shiralean mud bath. Helped rescue Federation Ambassador Lwaxana Troi, Counselor Deanna Riker, and her husband, Wil. Promotion: Lieutenant.

18-21 (2404-07): Planet Ferenginar: Assistant Chief of Operations overseeing terraforming of Ferenginar. Starfleet Liaison with Q'lrn and interacts frequently with Ferengi government. Instrumental in investigation, location, and apprehension of Nausicaan raiders operating a smuggling operation out of the system.

21-boarding (September 28, 2407 / Stardate 84739.6): Assigned Operations Chief, U.S.S. Spartan: Mission: to make contact with outlying systems of the Federation lost during the Anazi War. To assist in restoration of infrastructure, to restore consistent and secure communication between outlying systems and the Federation. To facilitate transportation of necessary goods and services to secured Federation holdings.

21-24 (2407-2410 relative. 2380 subjective): Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Spartan: Forged Q'lrn pilot bond with the vitaki brain inside Spartan, critical in commanding Spartan's skeleton crew as they attempt to fend off attack by saboteurs. Attack ends with Spartan jumping to transwarp as both a tricobalt device and a transphasic warhead detonate. Spartan tears a rift in dimensional space that leaves the ship listing dead in space in a parallel reality.

Through numerous battles and alliances Spartan attempts to get home, succeeding in jumping dimensions several more times before learning that their voyage is being guided by Starfleet and the mysterious Q'lrn. Rank: Lieutenant Commander

New mission: To seek out and repair temporal and cross-dimensional instabilities before they inflict significant damage. To locate, expose, and neutralize cross-temporal, pan-dimensional faction behind reality incidents. Rank: Captain