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Lieutenant Kestra Elaan

Name Kestra Elaan

Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 120
Hair Color Flaming Red
Eye Color Jet Black
Physical Description Kestra is small, thin and willowy. She looks like a stiff breeze could blow her over with no trouble. Though she does have the curves of a woman with full breasts and slightly flared hips. She has long brilliant red hair, that looks as though it could never actually happen in nature but is her natural color. Her eyes are a bit large for her face. She is haunted by something and at times looks quite sad.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Tamerin Elaan
Mother Alaria Elaan
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kestra is quite simply insane. She is not so much simple as out of touch with reality. She can see the world around her but she has a hard time filtering it into her own perceptions. She is sweet, innocent and for the most part peaceful. She is a genuinely nice person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Strong sense of integrity
Strong work and duty ethic
Piloting Savant


Poor focus
Unpredictable violent outbursts
Perceptions shift unpredictably
Casually reads minds and invades privacy
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Lace Making
Soap Making
Jewelry Making

Personal History Kestra was born in 2361, she was different, a powerful telepath unable to shield the noise of other minds. As soon as this became apparent her parents moved to ship bound jobs where Kestra could be alone often. She relished the time alone, reading and learning all kinds of ancient crafts. She loved creating anything and everything she could with her hands. Decorating her room in needlepoint pictures that she created.

She knew that her parents loved her, heard it echo in their minds every time they were near her. She knew how they felt, including that she made them uncomfortable, her ability uncontrollable. So she kept to herself, away from people as much as possible so that she didn't have to deal with them bombarding her.

When she turned seventeen Kestra joined Starfleet, she worked hard and graduated at twenty years old. Only to find out that being a twenty year old Academy graduate meant that she had to work twice as hard as she would have had she waited a year. She was assigned to the USS Walsh as a helm officer. She had a good relationship with her Commanding Officer since she worked hard. While some of her maneuvers were a bit unorthodox she was still considered by her CO as an exceptional pilot. Her CO even put in a commendation for her having "ovaries of neutronium."

During her stint on the Walsh Kestra learned of the Neurology and Telepathic Studies Program. Because of her ever present difficulty in shielding her mind from others she became increasingly interested in the program until finally when her tour with the Walsh was over she changed career tracks and joined Medical. At which point she enlisted in the Neurology and Telepathic Studies Program. She worked diligently and was part of improving and developing telepathic training techniques. She received another Commendation for exceptional merit and participation.

After two years in the NTSP she transferred into a new program. The Combat Telepath Program. She started out as a researcher assisting in developing the training and techniques for the program. They were losing the war. The enemy proved nigh invulnerable to other forms of attack and the Combat Telepath Program offered a dwindling hope. Many planets had been bombed to near extinction, including Betazed. Unfortunately for Kestra her parents were on the surface of the planet at the time, they died in the bombings. She had lost her family and so had no one who would really miss her should something go horribly wrong. Desperate action was necessary and Kestra volunteered. When she underwent a medical experiment that was designed to enhance her telepathic ability the experiment failed. When Kestra became violent and unstable there was only one choice, place her in stasis until the damage to her mind could be fixed. However her sacrifice proved to be what the program needed in order to become successful.
Service Record 2378-81: Enters Starfleet Academy at age 17 and trains as an Operations Branch helm specialist. Graduates with honors rank of ensign.

2381-83: Helm officer, LEO Fleet, Saber Class USS Walsh. Rank, Ensign. Participates in a number of police engagements. Notable for unorthodox and exceptional helm performance in pursuit of her duties. Commendation for "ovaries of neutronium" by Lieutenant Harper, commanding.

2383-85: Transfers career track to Medical and enlists in Starfleet Neurology and Telepathic Studies Program. Rank, Ensign, position, junior research specialist. Participates in improvement and development of telepathic training techniques for Starfleet personnel. Commendation for exceptional merit and participation, Senior Research Specialist T'len.

2385-86: Transfer to Starfleet Intelligence, Combat Telepath Program, rank Lieutenant Jr. Grade and position, Research Specialist. Plays a pioneering role in developing the Combat Telepath program including training and techniques. Volunteers to participate in a medical experiment designed to enhance telepathic ability. Experiment proves a failure and Kestra is rendered violent and irrational. Specialist Elaan is placed in medical stasis under suitable treatment can be developed to reverse neurological damage. Service record is deactivated.

2407-Current: Parallel universe counterpart revived during hostile encounter. Current medical technology believed sufficient to heal neurological damage. Commission reactivated. Assignment USS Spartan, Branch, Service, position, helm officer. Rank, Lt. Jr, Grade.