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Lieutenant Anzio Mira'ni

Name Anzio Keesmaat'cal Mira'ni

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Rowa'ni
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Dark green
Eye Color Dark green
Physical Description Tall and lanky. Green skin and hair. Pointed Vulcanoid ears, Andorian antennae, and Bajoran nose ridges. Hair is soft and moss-like, worn long in a ponytail down his back. Skin tone can darken or lighten depending on his need for light. Lighter body weight due to lighter bone construction.


Spouse None
Children Unknown; presumably many
Father Several unknowns
Mother Cmdr. Keesmaat Vacan'cil Mira'ni
Brother(s) Yee (52, cleric - Caretaker); Payne' (42, engineer); Wepos (12, secondary school student)
Sister(s) Emi (32, cleric - teacher); Ctemyc (2, primary school student - still in pod)
Other Family Vacan Alan’cil (Grandmother/Matriarch Mira’ni); Aalbue Agee’cal Afri’ni (Patriarch); Commander Keesmaat Mira'ni (Starfleet Academy flight instructor; faculty advisor to Nova Squad); Ha Lar’cal Mira’ni (maternal granduncle/Federation Council non-voting representative); Kaat Rut’cal Afri’ni (paternal granduncle/Patriarch Afri’ni); Maas Kaat’cal Afri’ni (Cousin/Terrorist); numerous aunts and uncles, and cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Confident to the point of cocky. Gregarious and flirtatious. Adrenaline junkie. Prefers the 'cowboy diplomacy' of early Starfleet (and Rowa'ni culture) to the more staid modern Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Telepathy (only with telepathic races); empathy (with plants); learns new things, including languages, extremely easily; engineering skills; immune to plant-based poisons and most insects; learns languages easily; mok'bara adept; proficient with a mek'leth.

Weaknesses: Sensitive to environmental pollution (carries a medical inhaler); needs light exposure and lots of water
Ambitions Continue the legacy of his mother in serving faithfully in Starfleet and earn the Rowa'ni a place in the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Botany, tinkering, racing, flower arranging (First Level Master)

Personal History Anzio was podded in the first year his mother was aboard the USS Spartan in 2385. He was taken from the Spartan and brought to the Mira'wi, his clan's House-ship, and planted at the feet of the Elders, as all Rowa'ni children are. There, while still in his pod, he received his primary education telepathically from his sister Emi, one of the Caretakers. In 2395 Anzio hatched. He spent five years in secondary education, acclimating to the outside world and receiving basic engineering training.

After the five-year secondary education, young Rowa'ni would normally be apprenticed out into a section of Rowa'ni society where he was needed and had shown aptitude during his training. In Anzio's case, however, it was decided that he would serve his apprenticeship outside of the Mira'ni fleet and follow his mother to Starfleet Academy where she had just taken a position as the flight instructor and advisor to Nova Squad, the Academy's elite squadron of fighter pilots.

Due to the extreme intelligence of even normal Rowa'ni because of the collective consciousness of the race, Anzio excelled academically, taking the equivalent of three majors. He had entered the Academy with a basic ensign's knowledge of engineering and so that was an easy fast-tracked major. His other areas of study were Security/Tactical and Flight Control with a specialization in starfighters, making Nova Squad by his second year.

Not everything was roses for Anzio at the Academy, however, and this was probably a result of a lack of socialization with races outside his own. For the first time he faced the prejudice that many races had for his people -- especially Andorians -- a prejudice Anzio arrogantly returned, having been raised in the xenophobic Rowa'ni environment, even though his House was one of the more open Houses among the Rowa'ni. His cocky attitude made him few friends. He was a cadet willing to bend or break the rules if it accomplished the mission. He had training simulations in which he lost the scenario for breaking the Prime Directive and even for prisoner abuse and torture, though the information he gained 'saved' his squad.

In one incident, Anzio defeated a Klingon cadet in a fight and took his mek'leth from him. He refused to return it or even offer the cadet a chance to win it back, letting the cadet wallow in his dishonor. In shame, the cadet committed ritual suicide to regain his honor. Anzio was not proud or unmoved by his role in the cadet's death and he keeps the mek'leth as a remembrance and began to learn about Klingon culture. The incident opened him up to the necessity of being open to other cultures.

Anzio was severely punished for the death of the cadet, losing his Nova Squadron spot his third year. But Anzio unknowingly had important friends keeping an eye on him and who kept him from being expelled. Anzio was an exemplary cadet his last two years at the Academy.

During his Academy training Anzio was noticed by a visiting guest instructor (and one of his mother's lovers), Captain Artemis Pierce, who was on medical and teaching leave from his post as captain of the USS Southern Cross after being injured.

Pierce was an old school Starfleet "cowboy". He had served with distinction in Starfleet Security and then Intelligence. He had been a protégé of Admiral Leyton, which nearly derailed his career when Leyton's attempted coup at the beginning of the Dominion threat failed.

Pierce was involved in Leyton's Operation Proteus, which managed to survive Leyton's fall. Proteus was a top secret black ops program designed for taking out Vorta and suspected changeling infiltrators in the governments of other Alpha and Beta quadrant powers and promoting other Federation interests. Pierce commanded the USS Peacemaker based out of the USS Southern Cross. The Southern Cross was a Sovereign class Starfleet Intelligence ship with enhanced sensor arrays and the mobile base of Project Peacemaker. The USS Peacemaker was a half-size Saber class-style ship designed for long range undetected penetration into enemy territory for midterm mission lengths. It had fast engines and heavy weaponry, the latest in the Federation's anti-Borg ablative armor, quantum torpedoes, Type X phasers and rotating shield harmonics. Additionally, it had an interphase cloaking device. The hull was unmarked and it had long range and high warp transporters as well as jump pods for quick intrusion and extraction of the tac team. Manned by a skeleton crew of Starfleeters, the tac team was cross trained to assist in running the ship to and from missions.

Pierce's career was derailed after the Dominion War, however, when significant Section 31 involvement was uncovered in Operation Proteus. Proteus was shut down Artemis was scapegoated and court-martialed, demoted, and discharged before the Section 31 witchhunt was stonewalled.

Pierce spent the next several years in the private sector, establishing his own security/mercenary company, but he maintained his Starfleet Intelligence contacts. With the advent of the Anazi threat and the formation of the Alliance, Pierce was recalled to command a revived Operation Proteus, now Operation Peacemaker, and given command of the Southern Cross and, by extension, the Peacemaker.

Pierce saw much promise in Anzio and used his contacts to have the new young ensign assigned to the Southern Cross. After three months of intense black ops intelligence training where he received his intelligence certification, Anzio was given the Chief Flight Control Operator position on the Peacemaker under the command of Pierce's foster daughter Commander Eve Two.

Eve was one of three Augment children that had killed most of Pierce's men in the Peacemaker's last mission during the Dominion War when the tac team was assigned to destroy a secret Orion Syndicate/Dominion cloning facility hidden in a nebula that was cloning the last Augment embryo from the Eugenics Wars. The Peacemaker team discovered Section 31 involvement in the cloning operation as well before they destroyed the research station. Eve and two of her clone sisters were already active and Pierce refused to kill them, instead taking them into SFI custody, with Eve eventually following her father into forced retirement and then back into Starfleet, quickly rising in the ranks.

Two years after graduating Anzio made Lieutenant, a year sooner than most ensigns. He quietly became Eve's lover, as well.

Anzio's current assignment is to the newly recommissioned Spartan and its various accidental dimensional transitions have left him cut off from his people and alone.

Species information:

Biology: The Rowa’ni evolved from a highly adaptable omnivorous plant species on the planet Rowa and developed into a unique animal/plant hybrid species. Their DNA is highly adaptable, incorporating foreign DNA readily. They are highly capable of interspecies breeding as a result, causing many Rowa’ni to look like green-skinned versions of other races (Andorians, Vulcans, Klingons, Terrans), though with the distinctive features generally lessened somewhat. Rowa’ni DNA is always dominant, however, and most look similar to Andorians or Vulcans due to recent history. Rowa’ni are partially photosynthetic, and thus require a lot of light and water, though they can go for weeks without eating if they need to. Rowa’ni produce pheromones that make them smell flowery or fruity that aids in attracting mates of other species and repelling insects. They can also produce a noxious odor if necessary. These pheromones are often linked to their emotional state and have been known to trigger similar emotional states in other species. It also sometimes tends to affect the allergies of other species. The Rowa’ni produce a toxic secretion as a defense mechanism. It acts mostly as a skin irritant, though it is poisonous if ingested or gets into the bloodstream. Bone structure is actually a hearty hardwood, making it light, though it tends to break easier. The Rowa’ni do tend to heal a bit faster than most, however. If cut, sap-like blood hardens into an amber scab that can restrict movement if it covers a joint. The Rowa’ni share a highly developed form of collective mind via telepathy. While remaining individuals, each Rowa’ni is connected to the others, with the connection being stronger the closer the proximity. This is somewhat similar to the Great Link of the Founders. When reproducing, Rowa’ni fertilized eggs are deposited through an ovarian tube into a navel pouch where a birth pod is formed around the growing embryo for about six months. The mother then gives birth to the pod, which is transplanted into a nursery to gestate for another ten years. It takes another ten years for the child to reach sexual maturity, and every ten years females go into a month-long fertility cycle in which they are highly sexually promiscuous, taking in as much genetic material from various males as possible to fertilize the egg. Fertility starts to drop at around 100 years of age and the cycle generally becomes much less predictable. At around 200, the elder Rowa’ni start to ‘root’, and their bodies gradually become hardened and immobile. They then live for another 100 years or so as semi-sentient plants. Males, however, are infertile with females of other species.

History: Rowa was located in the sector of space near Vulcan and Andoria and was a very green planet covered mostly in jungles and swamps. The Rowa’ni lived a mostly nomadic life in these areas until the arrival of the Vulcans and Andorians. Indistinguishable from the native plant life to the aliens’ sensors, both races thought the planet uninhabited and ripe for colonization. This brought the Rowa’ni into the border conflicts between the two races. The Rowa’ni tended to get along well with the telepathic Vulcans, occasionally interbreeding, enough to affect the Rowa’ni gene pool. Highly intelligent and eager students, they learned much from the Vulcans. Relations with the Andorians, however, were more strained. Periods of peaceful cooperation, including inbreeding, would more often than not collapse when tensions flared between the two aggressive species over Andorian habitat destruction that affected the Rowa’ni, which led to pogroms against the Rowa’ni. The interbreeding with the Vulcans and Andorians eventually led to two "races" of Rowa’ni that generally got along, though there were some tensions. When the conflict between the Vulcan and Andorian colonists heated up, the Rowa’ni were often used as mercenaries and proxies in the battles between them. Eventually, the conflict escalated enough that the Andorians used thermonuclear and biogenic weapons and initiated wholesale genocide against the Rowa’ni. After peace was achieved, the planet was so polluted that the Rowa’ni could no longer survive there. Part of the peace accord included granting asylum to the remaining Rowa’ni on Andoria and Vulcan. But the Rowa’ni found Vulcan too hot and dry and Andoria too cold and the Andorians held a great mistrust and prejudice against the Rowa’ni. When Rowa’ni were discovered to be involved in a coup attempt against the Andorian government, they were rounded up and interred in inhospitable camps, resulting in many deaths. The Vulcan Rowa’ni learned of this and planned a rescue attempt, stealing several Vulcan merchant vessels and a newly commissioned heavy cruiser from Vulcan. Using a nebula to mask their approach, they engaged the Andorian civil defense forces in battle while evacuating the Andorian Rowa’ni, taking many casualties but escaping. Since the 22nd century, the Rowa’ni have been space nomads, traveling in large flotillas of largely obsolete, scavenged, or stolen ships. Generally not tolerated by Klingons, Cardassians, or Romulans, they tend to stick to Federation space. In the early 24th century, one clan of Rowa’ni did try to resettle on Rowa, but that effort was ended when the planet was destroyed by the first Borg incursion into Federation space.

Politics: The Rowa’ni are considered nuisances by many Federation races. They are often thought to be involved in shady dealings, including theft, illegal smuggling and salvage. They are highly sought as entertainers, however, as their females tend to be very appealing and very willing partners, as well as good dancers and musicians. As a race without a planet, the Rowa’ni have only a non-voting representative at the Federation Council. They exist in a kind of political limbo, with many races, particularly the Andorians, opposing their membership. Others, like the Vulcans, support them. The Rowa’ni themselves are also divided on the issue, with the two largest clans on opposite sides. The Mira’ni are pro-Federation and the current Rowa’ni representative comes from this clan. The Afri’ni oppose membership, mostly on religious grounds. They tend to be racial purists where the Mira’ni tend to take in anyone who needs a home or a sanctuary. The Afri’ni consider Rowa as the only true homeland of the Rowa’ni, and since its destruction see the Rowa’ni as a pilgrim people until Rowa returns in some eschatological period. Some factions of the Rowa’ni see this New Rowa as encompassing Andoria and Vulcan, as well. Most Rowa’ni, though, fall somewhere in the middle, being rather libertarian and suspicious of governmental intrusion on their freedom.

Economics: Rowa’ni are mostly technological scavengers, traders, and transporters. Some also occasionally engage in illegal smuggling, mercenary work and other such activities. They are mostly concerned with keeping their fleet flying. Individual Rowa’ni are well-known as phenomenal engineers and many also make livings as entertainers.

Religion: Rowa’ni religion is based on ancestor worship. Rowa’ni maintain communion with their Elders after they root and lose sentience. They are often sources of wisdom and advice. Clerics keep the sacred books and the history of the Rowa’ni. Caretakers tend the Elders and pods and are responsible for their education. On Vulcan, Rowa’ni and Vulcan priests tend the Rowa’ni sanctuaries where many Elders are transplanted, making Vulcan a pilgrimage site for many Rowa’ni. Many Vulcans, as well, are attracted to the Rowa’ni sanctuaries to commune with the Elders there. There is a small but growing fundamentalist movement among the Rowa’ni, centering on a hope for a New and Greater Rowa. Elements of this movement have committed acts of terrorism, mostly against Andoria, but occasionally against Vulcan.

Society: The Rowa’ni are a matriarchal society, as the only means of tracing descent is through the mother given the reproductive habits of the race. The different Rowa’ni fleets are generally independent of each other, though there is a Collective Council that meets annually, the chair rotating among the Clan Matriarchs. The Clan Matriarchs are the political leaders of the fleets, holding the highest veto powers over all matters. The Patriarchs are those males lifebonded to a Matriarch and are usually delegated with the actual running of the Clans. Matriarchs and Patriarchs make up the Collective Council, and Patriarchs elect the next Matriarch from among the Submatriarchs, which are all lifebonded female Rowa’ni over 100. The Clerics are the next level of society and include the Caretakers, those who care for the pods and the Elders. The clerical caste tends to be the cultural, medical, scientific and diplomatic corps of the Rowa’ni and are also responsible for the education of podded Rowa’ni. As a nomadic fleet of aging vessels, the Engineers are the next caste. It is their job to keep the fleet running. Finally, the Military caste is responsible for defending the fleets from outside threats and scouting for potential salvage. The social stratification is actually very porous, however. Depending on the needs of the Clan, Rowa’ni are allowed to move to various positions. While mother/child affections exist, they are not as strong as in many species due to the lack of any real nurturing contact between them. While children are under the authority of their mother, their affective bonds are usually more with the Caretaker responsible for their telepathic education.

Intellectual life: All Rowa’ni are taught the history and culture of their people telepathically through the Collective while still in the pod. Once hatched, all are taught a basic knowledge of engineering so that they can help keep the fleet running. They are then apprenticed where they are needed in Clan society. Due to the increased mental capacities allowed by the Collective, Rowa’ni often become adepts in many areas of study, especially the older ones.

Arts: Like most nomadic cultures, the Rowa’ni are particularly adept at storytelling, especially the epics of their literary and historical heritage. These stories are often enhanced by also being told via the pheromones produced by the bard. Song is also important. Flower arranging is a highly developed art in Rowa’ni culture, with schools and master levels.
Service Record 2400 - Enters Starfleet Academy
2401 - Makes Nova Squad
2402 - Censured for death of Klingon cadet; loses place on Nova Squad
2403 - Regains place on Nova Squad
2404-7 - Graduates Starfleet Academy; assigned to USS Southern Cross in Sec/Tac; receives intelligence certification; Chief Flight Officer USS Peacemaker and crosslisted as Sec/Tac on the Southern Cross.