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Shopping for a New Future

Posted on Fri Dec 21st, 2012 @ 8:51pm by Captain Linneas sen'Telpherion & Captain Lonus sen'Telpherion

Mission: Mission: Sedition
Location: Spartan, Officers Gymnasium 1, Captain's Quarters
Timeline: MD -2, 1412 local

~Com from Linneas and Arcturus~ Dok, using relays, reported to Lonus ~He's making a "shopping list" and needs your input. I suggest Jumjaa sticks~

~I'm not sure it's that kind of shopping list but I'll mention it.~ Lonus smiled in his thoughts. ~Route sending to my personal quarters. Lonus is engaged in a test that can't be interrupted.~ Stylus, Lonus' administrative sliver replied with crisp efficiency. He paused, a sensation of skeptical eyebrows arching, tickling at the edge of Dok's connection. ~We're not going to have another incident of excessive mold growth, I take?~

~Certainly it wasn't my intention to leave them in my quarters for twenty years~ Dok pointed out grousing ~After Starfleet did a rushed mothball and botched it. That was a complete waste of perfectly good food~

At that moment the bulk of Lonus' attention exerted his full telekinetic strength on lifting a shiny metallic bar with softly glowing blue caps. The bar floated in thin air seemingly of its own volition, about a meter from the exercise deck. The spots on Lonus' deep indigo skin shone brightly and his eyes burned white, as with an inner fire. He breathed evenly and yet sweat trickled down his brow. He felt his limit rush on him quickly and he pushed back as hard as he could.

His lips tensed, revealing sharp, gritting canines and he summoned his last erg of willpower. He focused all of his might against the weight bar and out of nowhere he felt a sudden inrush of new energy. He gasped with relief and the bar shot as from a cannon, slamming against the decking high above. He laughed at the bizarre sight, shook his head, smiling, and entered his resting pose, calming his body after such strenuous exertion.

~There it is again,~ Lonus's thoughts communed with Spartan. ~I felt the same thing as we entered battle against the Tzenkethi. It feels like I merge with you.~

~You do~ Spartan replied ~In the most-basic form, that is~

~Elaborate?~ Lonus asked.

~All you're doing is reaching for more strength and tapping into my k'tarric neural lattice~ Spartan replied, showing in Lonus' mind the huge stack of k'tarra crystal that grew in rings around his primary brain, their supporting energies infused the great crystalline mass that was where the central consciousness of Spartan resided. It was also where the literally hundreds of slivers waited to be deployed throughout the massive network that formed the internal neural net of the vast living ship, much like the ODN of a normal Starfleet vessel. ~When you reach for the k'tarra array, you tap directly into the psionic flows and they do the same thing to your mind they do for mine~

Lonus thought back to that incredible moment when the elder of the rescue hunter levitated the new engine core for Spartan seemingly with the power of one mind. ~So that's how the Elder did it. I'm channeling our combined energy to do things otherwise impossible for me alone and I can provide fine control you need.~ Lonus rubbed his velvety chin in thought. ~How does this work when I'm away?~

~Distance has little to do with it~ Spartan chuckled.

He could not help the wicked smile that slowly crossed his lips. ~This opens possibilities that make my nipples hard.~

~Um~ Spartan paused ~ick. Linneas?~

~Ick, no! I'm not THAT desperate - OH, the call,~ Lonus laughed and turned his thoughts back to the moment. A barest touch of thought and Spartan slid him to his personal quarters. He flapped over the balcony and down to the ground floor of his beach house, turning left into his office. The panoramic view of the ocean dimmed and lights in the office rose to a comfortable level. Meanwhile, Lonus leaned back against his desk with arms crossed. ~Okay,~ he sent as Linneas' form became visible in the alcove above a luminous crystal. ~I have something about a shopping list and Jumjaa sticks.~

Linneas' ideas scrolled on the lower part of the display. ~That's what I have in mind. Did I forget anything?~

~You covered most of what we came up with,~ Lonus read the list. ~We're in agreement that Donatra's rescue is our most immediate concern. After she is home and we help her stabilize the Imperial Romulan State, I want to recon the Anazi and secure their disposition. If they're mounting an offensive on schedule and forging an alliance with the Typhon Pact then it changes our footing dramatically.~

~I thought of something new though~ Linneas replied, head cocked as he gazed at Lonus from the isomorphic field ~What if we were to align with Starfleet, with our ground rules intact but begin to build up their tech through a test bed vessel of their choosing that was for them to watchdog us?~

Lonus rubbed his chin thoughtfully, ~This has President Bacco's hands all over it. I knew I liked her for a reason.
He gave Linneas a sly eyebrow, ~I take Madamne President has a 'test bed ship' ready to go.~

~No but she got Necheyev's agreement to not come after us~ he chuckled wickedly ~Which is exactly what she's going to do but she'll be far more subtle about it from now on, I believe. I've left information that implies that in a ninety-day period there's going to be a problem Spartan is going to go deal with and it's far enough out that only a Vesta-class is going to be able to chase us. I made sure Necheyev became aware of this rumor through informants I've allowed her to believe we have in common but that we're unaware of their access to. I became aware today that a test-bed scout used for the slipsteam drive that Admiral Necheyev sometimes uses has beamed her up and headed out to Starbase two-one-four where the USS Nox was just towed into largely wrecked. Nox is a Vesta-class and there's a mark-six Atlas class, the USS Sampson, moving into the area~

~There's our testbed,~ Lonus nodded. ~What's this problem we're dealing with in 90 days?~

~I was thinking that'd be right after Donatra and we could go see what the Anazi are up to~ he replied. ~It'll take a month at tee-three to get close enough to spy on them. The Nox will have to hopscotch after us~ He grinned at the prospect.

Lonus shook his head,~ They're going to drag every enemy in six realities and four quadrants behind them like a zipper. This should be interesting to say the least.~ He pondered, ~Pulling them so far away from Federation support might give them a chance to clean house and shed some dead weight. It wouldn't hurt to lend them a hand - in the spirit of cooperation.~

~In the spirit of cooperation~ Linneas nodded once decisively ~of course. In the meantime, you're going to go have that talk with SomIn and, I'll wager, whomever else is involved will be listening or present, or both. I've been tracking the local Romulan/Rihanssu situation and we're closing in on the date Donatra gets captured, relative to this timeline. I'll alert you when you have to deploy. Also, I'm having some impressions every time I go down to the President's office that someone familiar has been there but they've been very careful to wipe their presence from the surroundings. That narrows down the field of who that could be considerably, if they know to do that and how to do that~

~Q'lrn,~ Lonus nodded. ~Forces have been at work here long before we arrived. Bacco is a critical figure in checking the movements of those pushing Jellico and Nechayev. Bacco might be gone by now without support. We're here to do the legwork, the dirty work that needs to be done so our support network can sit tight and guard the main pieces on the board.~ Lonus pondered a moment, ~It's very likely the Q'lrn avoid contact with us because that then creates a temporal thread that can be tracked back to them. They leave enough of a trace to let us know they're here but otherwise they keep their distance and trust us to fill in the silence.~

~And of course those times we can access the psinet~ Linneas pointed out ~That's all I have for now. I'm keeping position and watching the president and the admiral. As soon as I have pertinent data, I'll forward it to you~

~I'll contact you after we make contact with SomIn.~ Lonus sent love and warmth across their connection. ~Stay alive, brother.~

~Uncle~ Linneas corrected ~I'm your Uncle dammit~ He faded out , leaving the grin last.


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